The second day….

Our second day was an action packed day!!  Richard was off work again and so he nipped to tesco so we had some things to eat!!  Also Linda very kindly offered to come around and take some photo’s of “Kip”, so I gave him his first bath!


So she came bringing all her props and also lunch!!  Everyone ate and then we got to work  getting some amazing photo’s!  There is one in particular that I am really impressed with and it has me in it!!  Normally if I see a picture of me I HATE it, very very occasionally I think it is “ok” and will let other people see it!!  This one I actually really like it….  So much so that I am intending to get my Mum a copy…she is very excited about the prospect of having a photo of me!!!!!!


She got loads of fantastic photo’s not just of “Kip” but of Caitlin and Noah and even one of the 5 of us…that was quite impressive to get so many kids (and 2 photo-phobic adults) to look the right way!  I also love this one… 


Ahh forget it..I loved them all!!!  I’d post them all but I’ll be here all day!!!  She’s put a few on her blog if you want to look at those its…

You can find details of how to book her on there if you fancy…I can highly recommend her our photos are great!  In fact I may share more when I get more time!!!!  I have to shrink them all for our dial up readers!!

She would have got more except we were disturbed by the midwife… I had no idea she was planning a visit so good job we were in!  She did Kip’s newborn check and everything is fine.  Just his hearing test to do but as he was born under water they wait to do that.  Not really sure why a pool of water is any different to a bag of water??!!

After tea we decided an outing was in order so we went off to the mini club!!  As Caitlin and Noah were born on a Thursday they were both 6 days old when they first went…but Kip is now officially the youngest ever member to attend!!!  I think the whole night passed him by a bit really, but Noah and Caitlin got very possessive when people started cuddling him!  Caitlin said he’s our baby…we’re keeping him, and Noah kept saying he’s my baby!



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3 responses to “The second day….

  1. SCM

    I reckon this is a lovely photo with you on it!

  2. LOL it was a bit manic!

  3. maria

    what a great post!! congratulations!! you have a lovely family!!

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