The first day…

Bit of a catch up post as we’ve been so busy the past few days….

On the Tuesday we just pottered around the house tidying up and then waiting for Caitlin and Noah to come back and then introducing them to their new brother.  At tea time it was time for a visit from Nanny, Grandad and Aunty Amy!!




After they had gone we watched Britain’s got Talent and then I took a few pictures of Richard with “Kip” (He’s not really Kip but as he still doesn’t have a name its easier than calling him number 3 etc!)


…and then it was bedtime!  Kip slept really well again and only woke once in the early morning for a feed.


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One response to “The first day…

  1. SCM

    He looks huge with Nanny.
    Still sure you don’t fancy Alfie for his name?

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