Will today be the day???

The viewers apparently wrote the day down wrong so they are coming this morning….so will they turn up today???  Watch this space!!!

Also will the baby turn up????  Also watch this space my feeling is no though!!!  And as my friend very kindly pointed out every day it grows a little bit bigger…great as if it isn’t big enough already??!!!  Well unless I have a deceptively big bump and the baby is actually a lovely little one???!!!  HA no chance!!


Edited to add…Well they did turn up…asked about a million questions but we shall see!  Some very odd questions like do we have any problems with wild animals????  Errr nope its the middle of the city! Unless they meant rats..???  What I do for a living???  Errrmm nowt at the moment so then she asked what I used to do so I told her not that it has any relevance on the house but hey didn’t want to come across as hiding anything????!!!!  She asked about my pram…not included in the sale but again I answered!  They asked about the mini’s and if Kingvan I had considered selling him to a museum??!!  Also are the real flame fires dangerous for children???  Errrm yep of course real flames are dangerous for children??!!!  Also some relevant but still odd questions like is the house double glazed…errr yes…can’t you see that as you are knocking on the window??  They asked what it meant that we weren’t in a chain and what stamp duty was??  Very odd….don’t hold out any hope…hope went months ago!!  In fact I bet they do offer and mess us around something chronic!!!


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  1. SCM

    Weirdy people.

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