Another day another viewer….

NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These no shows are driving me mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The only up side is we are having to keep the house all tidy…..  But it does also mean I never get chance to blow my pool up!! We are going to hand our notice in with the agents too because they never get back to us after the supposed viewing either to apologise for the no show or give an explanation which to me says they aren’t chasing the viewer to find out how the viewing went.  We do know why the house isn’t selling so don’t necessarily need the feedback but if we ever have to pay the agents they certainly haven’t earned their money!!!!!!!!!

So no baby and no viewers….arrrghhhhhhh………………………..



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3 responses to “Another day another viewer….

  1. you should hand in your notice with them TODAY!! It’s probably what is keeping little Cooper in there!! LOL I’m still mourning the fact that Cooper is just a silly name w/ your surname!

  2. Teddy

    How rude are some people! I cannot believe that they do not turn up, or give a reason why. xx

  3. SCM

    Aye, sack the estate agent.

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