Visit from the mafia and Nan…..

…obviously Nan has nothing to do with the mafia!!!  And their visit is completely unrelated to Nan’s!!

Nan has been visiting all week but has been squirrelled away working really hard on the new house.  The room she is decorating needed a lot of prep work as the walls and ceiling were awful, but with a lot of early starts and all day working its looking great.

This afternoon we had a viewing on the house!!!!  Not great timing really as I’ve got all the things I’ll need for the birth like pool, hosepipes, towels etc etc all scattered about the house added to the fact I had started packing things to move to the new house, oh and we’ve got all the newborn things our of the loft…the house looks a bit bomb like!!!!!!  But hey a viewer is a viewer so we were brave and said no problem!!  So at 1.30pm this afternoon they turned up….5 massive 50-odd year old Cypriot blokes all with big gold rings and necklaces smoking cigars…they really looked like the mafia on my doorstep!!!!  I was dying to take a picture but wasn’t brave enough to ask!  So I showed them around and they seemed happy enough…just got to wait and see now!!  Got another viewer tomorrow too so fingers crossed for that too….

So back to Nan!  We have finally persuaded her to come and stay here tonight….


… so she gave Caitlin and Noah a bath and read loads of stories (as usual!!)


..and some more stories…


Caitlin and Noah have loved it!!!  Nan is insisting on going back to the house tomorrow to do painting, which really is great and it will be nice for her to see it looking all done rather than just doing the nasty jobs!!


(P.S. – Just incase SCM is right and me repeating come on out baby will work….come on out baby lol!!)


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  1. LOL I would have loved to see pictures! Oh and come on out baby!!

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