House and playing.

Today Richard and Nan have been back at the house working away…..  Richard is making a start on the kitchen walls…..


..and once they are done he’ll be able to hang the wall cabinets and fix the floor cabinets in place which will free up the hall and living room so that he can do the joists and floors in there.

Nan has finished all the horrible work in the baby’s bedroom and has painted the ceiling and done the edges of the walls, so just the quick and easy rollering to do on the main walls and then the gloss work, which I should be able to get done on a few afternoons while Noah has a sleep in his bed in the next room!!


Me, Caitlin and Noah stayed at home waiting for our next house viewer….we waited and waited and they didn’t turn up!!  Quite annoying but since we’d had a viewer yesterday we hadn’t actually done much prep for this viewing so no real wasted effort just wasted time.  While we waited I cleaned my pram!!  It was pretty grubby and so I took it to pieces and washed the lot…it looks loads better now…..  Does that class as nesting do you think?  I’ve never really done nesting before I don’t think!!!

After working we all had tea together and then Caitlin and Noah played some domino’s that came with a comic that Nan bought for them.


Noah also decided he’d try it on with Nan and said he wanted to come back downstairs when she put him to bed…. Nan rightly said no and luckily he accepted that and went to bed!!!  Credit to him for trying I suppose but just shows how different he is to Caitlin who would never question going to bed for anyone!!!!!!

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  1. LOL you were spoiled w/ Caitlin!! I can’t believe how far along the house has come!

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