Our visit down south!!

We’ve been down south to visit the new addition to the family!!  As expected Noah was smitten with his new cousin and gave her too many kisses!!!!  Caitlin also said baby R was very nice.


And its true…little R is totally gorgeous and seemed very content.  She hardly cried at all while we were there and was even unfazed by Noah’s kisses and cuddles.  She settles really easily after her feeds and is a very cute and happy baby.  She also seemed so tiny, absolutely perfect but dinky….but I suppose for me and Richard that is in comparison to chubby Noah who had the chubbiest thighs and even cellulite when he was born!!

I can now reveal Caitlin’s present which went down well…..


…she had coloured some vests for her!!  Its quite hard to draw on fabric as it moves but from the left they are baby R, some flowers and Caitlin & Noah!!!  I did have another plan from Caitlin but I think she’s too young for it so I’ll keep it in mind for later…

And the bit I made a little sneaky peek!!  I made her some building blocks with her name on….  I love the colours and was quite pleased with how they turned out….




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  1. that pic of Noah is too cute.

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