Choo choo!!!!!!

We were supposed to be going to the park today but it was pouring down here this morning so we changed our plans to a garden centre visit!!  It has a train ride and also some sheltered bits in case the rain continued….  Seems the rain was only by our house because although it was a bit windy and grey it only rained while we were in the loo!!!!!  Caitlin said she didn’t want to go on the train but as Noah was desperate to go on I made her and she loved it!!!!!  As a special bonus and to prove I really do go on all these trips here is a pic which has me in it!!!!  Thanks to Linda for taking it as its not too bad which is quite a complimentary thing to say since it has me in it!!!!!!


The train takes you all around the garden centre and takes about 5 minutes, just long enough for the kids.


After the train ride there was a little play area where you could drive your own train!!  It was a really simple push forward to go forward and back to go back lever….  But getting them to actually do that was quite hard and the first trip along the track (which we couldn’t really get to) was just us shouting “no keep pressing it”!!!!!!!!  They had a good time though and by the 2nd trip they’d got the hang of it!!


After all that playing we went to order our carpets!!!!!!!!!  They are getting fitted next Tuesday and I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!  Really must go finish off that painting tomorrow!!


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3 responses to “Choo choo!!!!!!

  1. SCM

    Will they let me have a go on the train?
    You look really young in the photo.

  2. Thanks..I’m not young..well not anymore I’m 34!!!!!!! And yeah adults welcome on the train even without kids!!

  3. Richard

    Can’t believe you sneaked off to play trains without telling me !!! That’s one of my idea’s gone now !

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