Craft and signing

This morning we went round to E’s house to do some crafty things….  We played with some glitter glue, painting some decorations for E’s tree, which was very messy!!!!    Then we made rice crispie Christmas tree’s…  We left those behind which isn’t good, but luckily we’d sampled the left over bits which were nice!  Then it was time to make some bird feeder pine cones….first they smeared lard all over the cones….


…then rolled them in seeds!  I’m sure our birds will love them (we remembered those!!) once we find somewhere to hang them!!


This afternoon we signed for our house!!!!!!!  And all is on schedule to complete and get keys next Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wooohoooooo we now just have a good few months of hard slog to get it done in time for number 3’s arrival!


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