Party time….

…and I volunteered to bake a cake to take as our contribution!  I always feel obliged to offer to do the cake since a party isn’t a party without cake and unless I make it Caitlin can’t have any…  Attempt number 1 this morning was a disaster…it was still raw in the middle so I kept putting it back in to cook longer but I could see the edges getting blacker and blacker!!!!!!!!  Attempt number 2 looked much better and as there was no time for a 3rd try number 2 it was!  It actually tasted really nice and everyone said how nice it was…  Noah had a great time at the party and ate way too many smartie biscuits, then 2 pieces of cake!!


In fact Noah and Caitlin were amongst the last 3 to be still eating…only joined by a little girl who seemed to be as addicted to the wotsits as Noah was to the smartie biscuits!


There was time for a quick play in the ball pit and then it was time for a visit from Father Christmas’s elves!  They were some children from the school next door…..  Caitlin and Noah both got books which is great as they do love books, even though we have millions it’s always nice to have more variety for bedtime!!


After the party we went to the heads office to hand in our forms because….Caitlin is starting school there in just 24 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It seems quite strange she is starting so soon since in Manchester she couldn’t start until she was 4 due to her birthday but in Stockport they do a January intake and so she gets an extra 2 terms….  She is really excited about going and for the spring and summer terms she’ll be doing afternoons.  She’s really taken a shine to her teacher so I’m sure she is going to love it.


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  1. 24 days?!?!!!! The party looks fun! See you tomorrow!

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