3rd Birthday party!

In preparation for the party I made a cake…or 4!!!!!!!!! I made take 1 last night in a rush before I went out and it was raw in the middle and so a disaster! So I made the next 2 this morning… In the end I think it was a success! The theme for the party was a beach party….so we turned the living room into a beach with sea!

…and the cake was also the sea and beach…

Talking of cakes..the cake had the coolest candle! Bought by Caitlin’s great, great Aunty Valee. I’m hoping to get a video clip of it uploaded tomorrow!

At the party we made sunglasses but to be honest it didn’t go down as well as making tiaras did last year…

Caitlin was a bit anti-social at first and sat all alone on our make shift bench, made from mini wheels!

We then had food and played in the garden since we had a rare dry day!  And everyone joined Caitlin on her bench…

We then played pass the parcel….

Then it was time for everyone to go…so we opened presents…

Caitlin loved every single one of her presents.  I think she said WOW to them all too!  After presents they had their cake…

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  1. we had a fantastic time- I might steal your party theme so don’t be shocked! All the photos from the party and PYO are up on Flickr.

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