Fruit picking!

We needed fruit for Caitlin’s party tomorrow so off we went to Eddisbury’s to pick our own!  We all got little baskets and headed off to pick some.

First we picked raspberries….

Then we went to find some logan berries, but they were very bitter, they all spat them out!

So we moved onto the blackberries….

And finally to apples, where some of the picking got eaten….

They didn’t charge us for the things we’d eaten either which was quite a lot!  After we’d paid we ate our lunch and made a train….

And then the girls decided it would be funny to all lie on top of Noah!!  He seemed to think it was quite funny getting squashed…

We then found the plums as well so we added a few of those to our pile and then after a quick drink in the cafe we headed home to make a fruit salad and a birthday cake for tomorrow!

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  1. wow you’re fast! I’m just now downloading them to my computer! I had a great time- a lot less stressful than the maze!!

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