Noah turns 6!!!

Noah’s birthday celebration started the night before his birthday when Grandad picked him up from school and took him to Liverpool’s UEFA match against St Petersburg.  We knew it was going to be a late night but figured since it was his birthday he could go.  Liverpool won 3-1 but that wasn’t enough to get them through to the next round.  Luckily Noah didn’t understand that!  Richard was working lates so Grandad dropped Noah off at Richard’s work since it’s about half way.  Noah finally made it home and into bed at 12.05!!!!!!  The somehow…he woke up just before 6am!!!!!!!

He opened his presents and then went off to school….


After school he had 4 friends over for tea which made for a very hectic and loud evening but they all had a fantastic time…


He got loads of presents….mainly football kits and football toys; and he had a great 24 hours!!!  He is obsessed at the moment!!


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