A couple of weeks ago someone ran into me on the motorway.  I was completely stationary so there was only minimal damage but it needed repairing.  The guy who ran into me worked in a body shop so we agreed he could repair the damaged bumper.  So today I went to drop it off in Bolton and while it was being fixed we went into the town centre.  We went around the shops which were just smaller versions of the ones in Manchester so pretty disappointing really.  We also checked out the elephants dotted around town….

There was also an Easter celebration going on so the kids joined in the colouring table.  A very strange woman who was walking past came over to shout at me and the organiser for letting Austin colour with pencils!!!  She went on and on about how they are dangerous and he could stab himself with them….I always find the nutters while I am out and about!!  I thought the car wouldn’t be much longer and there was a park opposite the garage so we walked there.  The guy fixing the car should have warned us about the park!!  It was full of drunks!  Noah managed to befriend one of them and we were trapped talking to her for ages!  She was completely harmless but her language was a bit colourful so not really the sort of person we wanted to be stuck with for ages!!  While we were in the park Caitlin and Noah picked some dandelions……

….they are so different!  Caitlin had a lovely bunch of dandelions…Noah had a squashed handful!!!!!!!

After Bolton we headed over to Abigail and Katie’s for a BBQ and then I went out for drinks with Gemma!!


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