Tolo snake review…..

About a week ago we got an animal from the tolo safari set to test and report back on…..  When it arrived it looked good, nice and sturdy and to be honest I hadn’t really concentrated on which child was supposed to be testing it.  So I gave it to Austin as I thought that was who it was aimed at…..

toloAustin seemed to like it, he put it in his mouth and had a good chew, it’s the perfect size to be chewed and nice and smooth.  You can twist it around and it clicks, sometimes toys that click when you move them are really quiet and that makes me think it is a bit of a waste of time but this one had a nice loud click!


While Austin was playing with it I read the box and discovered it was aimed at children aged 1-5…  Personally I think it is a baby toy, there is no way I would buy it for anyone over about 18 months, possibly even over 12 months….  But as I have a 2.5 year old and a 4-year-old I tested it on both of them too!!  They were both pretty uninterested in it….  I’m not sure if it’s because I gave it to Austin first but they both either looked at it and clicked it a few times then just abandoned it or they just gave it back to Austin!  It is part of a set so perhaps if you got the whole set an older child would find it interesting but I think an older child would prefer a toy with more detail (smaller bits lol).

It is £6 to buy and the vehicle is £35.  You can find more information at their website…

I did notice when I flicked through the website that on the info for the snake it says it is a safe teething toy!  I completely agree, it makes a great teething toy, Austin loves chewing it.  I think it’s a great toy, but in my opinion the age guide isn’t good…I’d say more 6 – 18 months.  Also when I looked through their website I noticed we have one of their cars, it was bought for Caitlin when she was about 1 and we still have it and it’s still wearing really well.  The snake looks like it is made of similar material and in a similar way so I would guess it is a really hard wearing toy.



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3 responses to “Tolo snake review…..

  1. I’ve been sent a safari boy to review. I was going to use my Godsons to review it but as they are ill I used my 6month old.
    Defiantly a great teething toy!! It’s something which can grow with him!
    Can I link to you when I do write the review? 🙂 Em.

  2. Is he teething already?!?! He can’t possibly be old enough he was just born the other day!!!

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