I got this idea from Laura at Synchronisation of us who has a little girl same age and very similar to Caitlin and also another younger girl and a tiny boy who sounds just like Noah!!  She has written a post on her blog for each child all about what they can do and what they are like.  I think it’s a great idea as part of the idea of this blog was to look back on at what they were like (as well as to keep family up to date on us!)  So here it goes Caitlin’s life history so far (may be long lol)

Caitlin was born at home at 1.26am at a healthy 7lb 12oz and 53cm long.  She wasn’t breathing and needed resuscitating but responded quickly and was fine.  Here is her first picture taken about 15 mins after she was born…


She was a terrible feeder, we had to literally force her to drink her milk!  We later discovered the reason for this may have been her milk intolerance!!  This may have also been the reason she slept through so easily, to avoid being forced more nasty milk!!  She gained very little weight and didn’t grow much taller (although she was very tall at birth so not surprised on that one lol)  Just before 6 months we had it confirmed (I had suspected for quite a while) she was lactose intolerant, swapped her to soya milk and all the vomiting and feeding struggles stopped almost instantly!

Caitlin has always been very shy and wary of strangers, for the first year she was hysterical if I left her then she became clingy to Richard and cried if he left her!!  She’s much more confident now but still strangers aren’t her favourite!  Caitlin walked at 10 months and 28 days, I’m amazed it took that long as she’d been desperate to set off for quite a while and was a really confident cruiser!  She had always been physically strong and had sat and crawled quite early.  Here she is on her 1st birthday, as you can see she had very little hair!!


When Caitlin was just under 18 months Noah was born.  She loved him instantly always helping with him and taking him toys.  She refused to talk to me for a few days even though it was Richard holding Noah when she got back home…  When he was born she was just starting to talk properly saying words like balloon and teddy etc!  Two months before her 2nd birthday we started potty training and within a couple of weeks she was pretty much dry with the odd number 2 accident!  Her speech quickly became clearer and by her second birthday was saying little sentences and as you can see by the next picture she had a little bit more hair (and an enormous baby brother!!)!!  Any height difference is in their legs!  Although Caitlin is dinky she has always had proportionally long legs which I’m sure she will be very grateful for later in life!!


During her 2nd year Caitlin learnt her colours and to count to 10.  She was also still besotted with her brother, they very rarely fought and on the one occasion they were separated she cried hysterically the whole time saying she missed him, even though it was Noah who was left with someone else not her!!  Just before her third birthday Caitlin had a massive growth spurt but was still quite small for her age.  She is especially light compared to her height but is no where near as skinny as she used to be where a bug would knock her for six!  On her 3rd birthday she had loads more hair and could have a full conversation with you…


Also on her 3rd birthday she finally moved into a big girls bed with no trouble at all.  As Noah ahs got a bit more feisty they also fight over toys a bit but still get on really well and any fights over toys are over with in a matter of minutes, usually with Caitlin giving in!  She always just lets her friends and Noah take the lead although she is starting to stand up for herself more and if Noah snatches something off her she will complain or occasionally get it back.  She is still shy with strangers but is now fine with people she knows well.  She occasionally takes an instant liking to someone but this is rare usually she needs to get to know them first.  She can also hop, skip and jump and can draw simple pictures of people with a head arms, legs, eyes, nose and a smile.  She has been learning to sew and is getting better at it, although its a long time off before I would trust her alone with it!!! 

She has started to learn her alphabet but only knows a few letters so far, she can overwrite her name quite well and knows her numbers but won’t say them out loud for you!  Her memory is amazing with regards to recognising places, a few months ago she recognised where we’d seen some hot air balloons we had only driven past that place once before a week earlier.  Caitlin is really good and I trust her not to run off or out into the road, you can trust her to stop if you ask her to.  She is a fantastic eater and will eat anything you put in front of her, although I think olives are her favourite food!!   Sometimes she can tolerate a bit of milk, but others it seems to affect her straight away so for now she is staying dairy free. 

Since her birthday just 3.5 months ago her hair has grown even more and so has she.   She is now 96cm tall and weighs 27lbs and has size 6 feet.

Hopefully I will do these updates regularly!!



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2 responses to “Caitlin

  1. I love reading all about her, there are so many similarities between our families really. There is 17 months and one week between my girls.

    Caitlin sounds like such a smart wonderful little girl, i look forward to reading your post about Noah

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