Elvis Update 2 – the boring one !

 Well, Byrney said she’d get me to post – so I apologies in advance for the boring read!!!!!

Got the old broken engine out of Elvis – really annoys me that if the frame was designed very slightly differently you’d be able to leave the gearbox in-situ, but alas – the whole thing has to come out which involves lots of blood, sweat, tears and colourful language!!

 To elaborate on why – the cambelt went on the A34 on Byrney’s way home from work so she came home on the back of an AA van (again!). I put a new cambelt on , but it still wouldn’t start. Did a compression test and got some worrying results, a few further tests and I established the piston ring had gone on piston 4 😦

 Trying to detach the box and block was a pain in the rear – ended up with a giant pool of gearbox oil flowing over the garage floor, and me – queue the expletives!!!) As some of you will know, its distinctly unpleasant – especially when you’ve got to work in it ( For those who dont know what gearbox oil is like – take my word for it, it STINKS !!!!!!
Had to put a new clutch in too as the flywheels are slightly different between the two engines which I didn’t think of, then had a nightmare getting it back in – gear selector kept jamming on the frame and nearly ruptured a brake line, front of the box “bent” the front valence slighly, then I just couldn’t get the mounts to line up – turned out the little oil pressure sensor/switch on the back of the engine is larger than the one that was on the other engine – too large to fit in the subframe by about 5mm !
Also had to get the inlet manifold off again to sort a sheared stud – knew this when it went on so I hadn’t tightened it up properly so the gasket can be re-used )
Eventually got the engine and gearbox back in but it was 8pm by then so gave up for the day – still need to jiggle it round a bit to get all the mounts to line up properly but its sooooo heavy compared to a mini engine / box – so thats a lot easier than it sounds! Gotta get some new exhaust manifold studs and make a new exhaust manifold yet which is another mission all together!!!
Thats all for today – no pics as I was too dirty to use a camera!!!!!! Phew – 10 hours hard labour !



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2 responses to “Elvis Update 2 – the boring one !

  1. Vic

    I got to about the second sentence and lost it. Its way beyond me all this talk of cylinders and gaskets etc.

    I hope Elvis can rise again soon though. Good luck!!

  2. Piston? Cambelt? Is that near Bristol?? What is this strange language you speak?
    Hoping Elvis rises from the dead too!

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