Happy Birthday Tina!!!

Yesterday was Tina’s birthday so we went to Liverpool today for a little party!!  Caitlin and Noah got her a brain game for her DS and I took my DS so we played a few games (I had the youngest brain only beaten by Rich after lots of practice!! – Young is good by the way!)  We had party food and Noah showed off his dancing which is getting better and better.  Here is Tina opening her presents with lots of help….


And then we had cake….


We also had pressies for Amy as she has just moved into her first house, again she had lots of help opening her presents too!!  I was quite nervous since inside the big box is a big glass globe which is a lamp, looked a bit delicate for Noah’s drumming to me……

 allamy.jpg        ng.jpg

 Later on we made the sunglasses, necklace and sun parasol from Caitlin’s Dora magazine.  At least her nose won’t get burnt!!!!!!!

cdora2.jpg        cdora.jpg


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