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The kids had been with Nanny and Grandad for the weekend and I went to pick them up and we went into town for some holiday shopping.  After we’d bought our crocs and shorts we went to the Albert Docks to see the tall ships as they were having an open weekend. 

During my sixth form I helped crew on one of the tall ships, Zebu.  I can’t remember which year I helped on or even how I came to be helping!!  I assume it started out with something to do with school?  I used to be part of our school rescue boat which used to patrol the sea off Colwyn Bay and we used to help out with events…possibly how I ended up meeting the Zebu and crew.  I know the Zebu is moored in Liverpool and so since that’s where I am from maybe they said I could help during my summer holidays…..maybe during the summer of 1991 or 1992?

Anyway I’ve taken the kids to see Zebu a few times but we normally just look from the docks.  Today we went on another tall ship that was open for visitors and whilst on board I spotted someone with a Zebu top on.  I asked him if Zebu was open for visitors and he said yes.  We went around to it but it was all closed up…so I went back.  Another crew member took pity on us and gave us a private tour!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin and Noah were fascinated with where I slept while on board….

…although it’s not a show ship and it wasn’t very impressive!!  But they loved having a look around, especially since we got it all to ourselves!


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