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Mini’s v Beetle’s

Today we went to York Dragway for mini’s versus beetle’s.  For the past few years the weather has been pretty bad but this year seemed ok.  We sat on the grandstand and watched the qualifying runs and ate our picnic….

Then once the mini’s had run and it was just the run what you’ve brung section we went for a wander in the pits Caitlin obviously found the pink mini (there’s usually one!!)….

I liked the rat look beetle…..

Then it was time for the jet cars first run of the day.  It uses 40 gallons of fuel on the 1/4 mile run and is very loud….i’ll try to upload a video….

We then stayed there to watch a few more mini qualifying runs….

..before going for some ice cream and to see some more cars.  Noah was very impressed with the spoilers!!!!

After the mini’s and beetle’s had gone head to head….the mini’s lost…booo…there was one last run by the jet car…

We’d lost one set of ear defenders so Noah decided to put his hands over Austins ears!!


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The mini’s lost…

It was a poor show by the minis at York Dragway today, and so by having more contestants the beetles won, only by 8 points to 7, which isn’t bad considering beetles had about 5 more contestants! So maybe, just maybe if we’d have raced the minis would have won…. But at £30 to take Elvis down the strip we had decided against it. For the past few years the minis have beaten the beetles, and maybe if the original event hadn’t been snowed off at Easter we would have won again!

Yesterday Noah watched about an hours worth of drag racing videos and LOVED it, so today he was well practised at saying “ready, steady, go!!” He also bent down to look under the jet car, I think he likes cars (which is good for being in our family!!)

Caitlin looked very at home just taking in all the drag racing, as if she see’s it all day every day!

She was, however, quite shocked at Noah trying to put a piece of copper pipe he found into someones wheels!!

You should have seen Richards face when he spotted him moving onto the air intake (that hole just above the wheel!) where the pipe could have caused some real damage! We moved away soon after the above photo! Soon it was time for the jet car which is really loud, has tonnes of flames and loads of smoke, but they both loved….

When it was time to go it was nice to see which car they loved enough to kiss……….

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