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Britain’s Got Talent

Today we had tickets to be in the audience of Britain’s Got Talent….so my Mum came over to watch the kids and we set off for Salford.  We got there quite early but all of the guaranteed tickets had already been given out.  We were told that if we queued up we stood a 50/50 chance of getting in, so we decided to wait.  They have to allocate way more tickets than spaces in order to guarantee that the audience is full which is fair enough as the tickets are free.  We waited for over 2 hours some of which was in the rain.  We did get to see Ant and Dec…..

That photo doesn’t really do them any justice as it makes them look a bit miserable but they were really smiley and came over to talk to a woman in front of us….and it was raining!

After they had filmed Ant and Dec and some other crowds bits it was time to see if we’d managed to get in….and really annoyingly not one single person got in!!!!!!!  I thought it was really out of order that they had led us to believe we had a chance of getting in when we didn’t, there was a lot of annoyed people!!  I did write and complain about being lied to, I appreciate that the tickets are free and there is no guarantee but it’s not on to blatantly lie in order to gain a crowd for filming purposes!!  Anyway they seem to be refusing to reply…and not just to me judging by their facebook page!!

After BGT…or NOT BGT as it was for us…we did a bit of shopping and then went to a family 18th birthday party.  There was a magician there…and he was amazing.  Somehow managed to get Richards signed card into his shoe and then across to a paper clip my Aunty was holding.


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