School reports

They have all had school reports this week and as usual they were all brilliant.  (I’m not really convinced you get a bad report unless you are really pretty bad!  But I suppose people don’t always get brilliant grades as well as comments??)  Anyway Caitlin and Noah got mostly A’s and Caitlin did really well in her SATs, she sat the higher papers as well as the ones for her year and did well in those too.  She is especially good at reading and science.  Noah seems to be good at most things (apart from effort!!) but his real strong subjects are maths and sport.  He really gets maths and can figure out the logic of most things instantly in his head.

Austin’s report was hilarious!!  His teacher commented on our mini’s which I thought was really funny and also a nice personal touch.


I’m not sure it’s common place for teachers to include your car, especially by name, in your report but I loved it!!

Also this week Caitlin (and Noah) got a 100% attendance certificate.  This means Caitlin has a full set from the infants meaning she hasn’t had a single day off since she started 3 years ago!  Well done Caitlin!!



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