Bugjam 2013

We were really lucky and had yet another weekend away!!!  Again with no kids!!  This time we went to bugjam.  We thought it would be good to test the comfort of the van with just 2 people sleeping in it, also Richard wasn’t sure how family friendly bugjam was. After what seemed like a million years stuck in endless traffic jams on the M6 overheating – both the van and us because we had to have the heater on full blast, we finally made it to bugjam!  It was just getting dark so we quickly set the bed up and then headed for the live stage where we just about managed to see the last 10 minutes of The Hoosiers!!


We then headed over to the tents (after buying a jumper because it was absolutely freezing!!!!!!!!!!!) to the Ministry of Sound lasers…


Richard had been right..there was a lot of people throwing up, lots of drugs and lots of things going on that were not in the slightest bit child friendly!!  It was definitely a good job we left them behind!

The next day we had a wander around and found a stretched camper….


…that’s what we need to fit us all in a bit more comfortably!!


The weather was nice but it started to cool off on the Saturday even though we’ve had fantastic weather for a few weeks now!  We watched the racing…


…and some more racing…


In the evening we went to the rock tent, which didn’t seem very popular really but we thought it was good.  Then we watched Bugjam’s got talent which was pretty funny, although it was a young lad who won..but he was really good!  Again there were lots of mad people around!!!!


We had a great weekend, definitely good we didn’t take the kids…!  I doubt we’ll go again..it really was just a bit of a drug fest!!

I think this was my favourite van that we saw over the weekend….


Unfortunately on the Sunday morning we got a message to say Richards Dad had died…he’d not been well for a while so it was expected but still not nice news….  We then headed home….



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