Richard turns 40

Today was Richard’s 40th birthday party.  I was going to arrange a surprise party but decided to ask him what he wanted and who.  He had it at a local club and we arranged for curry and pizza to be delivered.  I also got a small balloon sculpture….


The photo really doesn’t do it justice…it was much cooler in real life!  I’d taken Caitlin shopping for a new dress and she picked a halter neck dress which I think she picked because it was really grown up!!!


As with all of our parties, there was blood/injury!!  My godson cut his ear open on a chair!!!!!!!!  It was pouring with blood and was quite a deep cut..but fortunately 2 of our guests are nurses, so one cleaned it up while the other went to her house and got steri-strips.  Between them they stuck it back together…


…but the blood still wouldn’t stop so he ended up with a huge bandage around his head!!  Soon after H was bandaged up Noah trapped his finger in the door…cue more blood and tears!!!!!!  They were all having a great time but all getting tired!  Noah was the first to drop and fell asleep on one of the benches….


There was a campervan cake (well it looked as close to a campervan cake as I could get!!)


I think everyone had a good time… to start thinking about mine in just over a year!!!


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