With no car the end of half term was pretty quiet and any trips we had planned got cancelled…  On the Friday after Richard had finished work we went camping.  We went to Chester lakes Campsite..which was a lovely site with 5 lakes and lots of surrounding camping fields.  The weather was amazing, when we arrived and were putting up the awning we were scorching!!  After tea we went for a wander to explore the site.  There were lots of people fishing and Noah decided he’s going to put a fishing rod on his Christmas list!!


There was an on-site bar with a disco for the kids so we went there.  There was a lovely patio area overlooking one of the lakes…


….and the kids loved the disco!!!


In the morning our friends arrived and we went for a play in the play area….


…and a quick game of football…of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!


then for a longer walk around the lakes, to see all the flowers for Caitlin’s homework…


We had BBQ tea complete with toasted marshmallows!!!


In the evening we headed off to the disco with me and Richard saying how great it was the night before…only to find Saturday nights weren’t the same atmosphere as Friday’s!!  Friday was really friendly but Saturday was just full of slightly dodgy people who were swearing and just generally not being very nice…so after buying some sweets from the tuck shop (as promised!!)..


…we went back and sat around by the vans.

On the Sunday morning there was a car boot on-site so we went for a look.  It was the most pathetic car boot I’ve ever seen with some very strange people and things!  The kids were desperate to buy something so I gave them each a pound.  Caitlin bought a ripped picture and Austin bought some lego!  Noah spotted a man selling fishing rods and asked if he could go and buy one.  I tried to explain he wouldn’t get a fishing rod for one pound but he was desperate so I told him to go try and then carried on walking a bit.  When I turned around there was Noah with a massive beaming grin and a fishing rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Somehow he’d managed to con someone into selling him a fishing rod and line for £1!!


He was very excited and managed to get the site owner to let him pretend to fish for free (there was a £15 per day charge for fishing!)  After about 5 minutes a man took pity on him and came over to help him….he ended up giving him fishing lessons, setting his rod up with a float, weights and some bait!!!!!!!!!


I was a bit gutted for him really because he didn’t catch anything but he had an amazing time……  We finally dragged him away from his fishing to pack up and go home ready for school……




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