The death of Elvis….

So…we called to the shops for a few bits on our way home from the airport and we were metres from home when disaster struck!!!!!!!!!  We were behind an LGV at the traffic lights which were on red.  We waited and our lights turned green…..the LGV set off and we followed… thing I knew a car hit us from the right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He claims that he was already through his lights before they had turned red, but managed not to hit the truck in front of us, so he may well have been through the lights but I think he thought we were a gap after the truck and he floored it to get through.  Unfortunately we WERE NOT a gap and so he slammed into us at quite some speed!!!!!!!


We were going straight on and he shunted us across the road and hit us so hard that the force of the impact went right through the roll cage and onto the other side of the car…thank God for the roll cage!!  And thank God for decent car seats! The ambulance crew agreed that the fact we had good well fitted car seats meant there were no injuries…the roll cage meant we weren’t crushed and also that the windscreen didn’t shatter all over me and Caitlin!

When we crashed Noah was hysterical…I thought he was really hurt and so called the police and an ambulance as I had all 3 kids on my own along with a car blocking a 4 way junction!  It turned out Noah just had a bit of whiplash but was very very upset at Elvis being hurt!!!!!!!!  I had a bit of whiplash and somehow a cut finger!!!  Noah was sat on the crash side and I think he saw the car come toward us!!

Poor Elvis was dragged home until we can prove it was the other parties fault and get him fixed or replaced….



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