A trip to the opticians!

I’ve noticed whenever there is small text in Noah’s books he brings the book really close so I booked him and Caitlin an appointment at the opticians.  Noah decided to go first and had a brilliant time doing all the “games” she set him!  We went to Tesco’s and the girl was brilliant with them both.  She was really thorough and tested all kinds of things!  Noah’s eye sight is absolutely fine…almost perfect.


Near the end of his eye test Noah said to the girl “do you do parties?  I really want an eye test party!!!!”……………she was killing herself laughing!  I don’t think she has ever been asked that before!!!!!!!!

Next up was Caitlin.  She did all the games and tests like Noah and it turns out she has completely perfect eyesight.  Noah was very put out that she had “beaten” him at the “test”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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