London to Brighton

After a very brief night at home it was off to the London to Brighton mini run.  As usual we called in on the way to see Great Grandma who lives on the south coast.  After exploring her garden for a bit we had a quick walk down to the sea since it in less than a minutes walk away…


Richard tried to teach them all to skim stones…


..then we went back to Great Grandma’s house for a bit more of a play…


Richard’s aunt was there visiting as well and she helped Caitlin make some daisy chains…


We then drove over to London to meet some friends to stay overnight ready for the run in the morning.  They have got a baby who is 6 months old and the kids had a great time playing with him while we had some tea and drinks in the pub next door.

We got up pretty early and set off on the London to Brighton mini run.  I love L2B…there are just minis everywhere!  We saw the usual assortment of modified minis…


…and I discovered that Brighton beach has moved inland a lot….


I come to Brighton every year, and have done for years…and I have never noticed these steps..I assume at some point they led down to the beach rather than being covered by the beach! Very odd!

We walked all along Madeira Drive and Caitlin loved this flowery mini…


and the kids met Ed China…..


He is so nice!  We have met him before but I’ve never managed to get a photo.  I took a couple of him stood up with the kids, which weren’t perfect as he is pretty tall…he must have realised it would have looked better with him  crouched down and called us back to take another, he’s really friendly.

Richard had work in the morning so we set off home in the afternoon…..what a journey!!!!!!!!!!  It took us hours and hours to get home!  It was solid traffic from Brighton up past London….we were very late getting home..luckily it was still half term so the kids didn’t have to get up early.


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