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Gawsworth Hall

After the excitement of ballooning yesterday we went to Gawsworth Hall for a classic car show today.  I do love old Fiat 500’s…..


We saw this very cool scale Morris Minor which even had little working windscreen wipers!!!!!!!  It was ace!!


Noah educated Austin on exhaust spotting……


…and we found an Austin club for Austin to join!!!!!!!


After the show we went for a drink in a nearby pub where Noah made a friend….and gave her my phone number!!!!!!!!  Lets hope her memory isn’t as good as his since he memorised my number the first time I told him!!!!!!!!!


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Up up and away!!!

Our friends invited us to come camping with them but unfortunately Alfie isn’t back together.  They weren’t far away so we went down to see them and watch the balloons go up and John said he would take me up in the balloon if the weather played ball.  The kids loved getting so close to the balloons and they all had a sit in the basket which isn’t very big really!  The local newspaper was there and a photo similar to this is in it!


This is the balloon I went in….


It was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Strangely as I went up into the sky Caitlin and Austin got really upset.  I’m not really sure what they thought was happening?  So that meant Richard only got one photo of us flying off….


Up in the balloon was fantastic!  It was really loud when the burners were on….


…and then so quiet when they were off.  The view was amazing….


We even got to see a wedding party who all waved at us.  The landing was very funny, you literally make the balloon fall over onto a field which meant John landed on top of me as we were dragged along for a while.  It was a completely amazing experience!!!!!!!!!!!!  We can’t afford to take up another hobby though so we’ll just have to keep watching them as they fly!  After the flight I helped pack the balloon away and we went back to their campsite until the kids got too tired then we went home….

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Caitlin has been doing her toymaker badge with Brownies. So far she has made a puppet at school and she has been sewing a kit of a doll at home.  She needed to do one more task to complete it, so she picked making some clothes for your doll or teddy.  I helped her to work out how much fabric she needed and then she cut it out…


…she then ironed it and pinned it ready for sewing.  I started her off with the hem and side seam and then left her to it…


My machine is great because you can alter the speed and set it to sew quite slowly which means it is much easier to control.  She sewed the whole skirt on her own and it was brilliant.  Hew sewing was so neat….


She even did the elastic around the top, I helped her to pin it but she did all of the sewing.  And ta da!!!!!!!!  One skirt fit for Rosie the bear!!!


I really must sew more often with her and Noah!!

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