We normally go away on our “mums and kids” holiday in Easter but we couldn’t all get together then this year so we delayed to half term…we foolishly thought the weather might be better since it was later…we were very wrong!!!!  We also decided to try a new venue..Southport..because we could get a caravan to sleep 10 rather than having 2 vans.  The one van was a million times better but unfortunately the site wasn’t really.

We got there late on the Monday and had tea in the café on site.  Well we tried!  The sign said it shut at 7 and it was 6pm so we thought we had loads of time, it turned out it was shutting at 6 so they weren’t happy taking our order…  We then went to try out the entertainment.  The family bar was really cramped, it was a good job we didn’t have a pram this year!


..and although the staff tried really hard they just weren’t as good as Rhyl.

The next day it looked like there was going to be a break in the rain so we headed off to Rufford Old Hall.  The grounds were brilliant and had loads of giant games..chess, draughts, swingball etc in the garden but it progressed from light rain to chucking it down quite quickly!  We looked around the hall which was a bit stressful as in one room touching was encouraged and in the other it was forbidden!  Austin did not get this rule and a woman slaked us the whole way round making sure he didn’t touch the delicate bits which was a bit stressful!


In the evening we braved the disco again.  In a sign of things to come the girls spent ages getting ready with their nail varnish and stick on earrings! They then all bought cuddly dolphins!!


On Wednesday we had expected more rain but it held off so we went to the on site playground….that was an odd experience!  It was after lunch but all the kids were still in the pj’s or onesies except our kids!  They had a great time climbing and playing on the swings….


…and the rain did hold off despite the black clouds in the background!  On the walk back we found some swans and their babies…


After a pizza tea it was on with the stick on earrings (for boys and girls) and off to the disco! They bought lots of slushies!!  Thursday we drove into Southport and had a lovely walk along the pier and played in the old arcades, we had tea in Southport and came back for the disco.  Tonight’s entertainment was a very strange singer…………


Typically on Friday the forecast changed from constant rain to chances of sunshine!  We were all supposed to be heading off quite early on the Friday but given the rain we decided to go to the beach..I’m glad we did!  The weather was fantastic and they had been wanting to go to the beach all week!!


There was sandcastle building and water pouring….


The weather just kept getting better as we sat on the beach so we stayed for an impromptu picnic which was hilarious!!!!  We found ourselves a bench and we all had one slice of bread and just over half a packet of crisps!!!!!!!!


..we had a couple of pieces of fruit….some raisins….some melted twix’s and really quite a poor picnic!!  The table next to us had knives and forks and a very posh and prepared picnic…it was very funny as they kept looking over at us!!!!!!

Although the weather wasn’t in our favour and the caravan site wasn’t the greatest we did have a great time….



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