New Liverpool kit….

For his birthday Noah requested a Liverpool goalie kit and yesterday was the release day! We were in Southport last night so he couldn’t do the while queue up and get it on the night but we went today. Unfortunately there is a massive jump between an age 4-5 kit and a 6-7 kit…we had ordered 6-7 but it drowned him so he had to swap to a 4-5 which has no growing room! The only bonus of this was a 50% refund as the small kit was half the price!!!!!!!!!!!!
He wanted to get Pepe Reina on the back but we’d had a tip-off he might be leaving so we left it blank…


I can’t believe it is another white kit…I mean who in their right mind makes a football kit white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I give it a week before it is a murky grey!!!!!!!!!!!


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