Austin turns 4!!!!!!!!!!

When I asked Austin what he wanted for his birthday he said half white & half pink yoghurts, pistachio nuts and some onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I almost got him some onions but forgot at the last moment. We did get him pistachios….

….and he was very impressed!!  He was also impressed with his other presents…a bin wagon (his favourite animal!!!!!!!!) and more cars!!

While we all had a leisurely breakfast Noah went off to football….


…where he got a medal for attending all year.

We then asked Austin what he wanted to do and he said go skateboarding and then bowling…so off we went to the park….


…Noah and Austin on skateboards and Caitlin on rollerblades…


We then went bowling where Austin kept lying down to watch his skittles…


Our lane broke and the girl let them have a hold of some very badly battered skittles after she had reset our game…


We then went out for tea.  Austin had a great day and it was a good start to the half term holidays!!


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