We’re camping in the rain!!!!!!!!

Well…we have had a camping trip planned with some other families in Noah’s class for a while now and as always with these things you can’t order the weather….so off we went with a rainy forecast!!  There were 14 adults and 16 kids on our trip…..and it pretty much poured the whole time!

We had to set off a bit after the others so we offered to pick up the take away tea on our way….Pizza for 30…………….


….so we arrived at the campsite and had our pizza tea.  Luckily there was a break in the rain so we put our new awning up…..which was ace…


We just hung about the campsite on the Friday night…..with the kids playing…just look at those black clouds!!!!!!!


The kids went to bed and the adults huddled in the gazebo!!  The rain really started coming down and the wind was so strong it ripped the side of the gazebo!  We all went off to bed but it felt like Alfie was going to be blown over!!  We were so cold and hardly slept because of the noise of the rain and wind.

On the Saturday we all went into Skipton….  After trekking about in the rain for a while we went into handpicked hall where we met the lady who wrote the pattern for our campervan hats (as in the photo above)…. snug in a dub.  We eventually found a pub that would take all of us, but we had to sit outside under the canopies.  It was still pretty cold but the canopies sheltered us from the rain..just!  Austin had the strangest pasta dish…pasta filled with peas…..  He loved it!


Just after we finished eating the rain stopped and the sun even shone enough for them to wind the canopies in and we got a tiny bit of sun!  It even lasted long enough for us to grab a quick donut on the way….


…and have a quick play in the park on our way back to the campsite…


Those big black clouds in the background didn’t hold out too long though….and it started chucking it down again!  We decided to go to the pub that was about 200 metres away and watch the football!  We kind of took over one room but everyone had a great time.  We were going to stay for tea but they couldn’t sit us so we called for take away and sat in little groups in the tents to eat it.  With the kids in bed we met for drinks in the tepee we had put up after the gazebo died!

In the morning the rain had died off so the kids got a play in the fields….


They got about an hour before the rain started again!!!!!!!!!  We had managed to pack the awning up…mainly because it was so windy that during the break in the rain the wind dried it off!

Despite the rain we had a brilliant time.  The kids all got on so well…. we are already planning the next one!


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