Crazy weekend!

We quite often have crazy busy weekends but I think this one was even crazy by our standards!

It started off with the Beavers bingo night on the Friday.  Richard was at work so I took the kids….it was chaotic!!  They had an electronic number caller and it was impossible to understand it!  Somehow Austin’s ticket managed to win and he got 2 Easter eggs which we shared out with our table.  Straight after the bingo night I went out for a friends 40th birthday celebrations!

On the Saturday was Austin’s school fair and I was manning the craft table with Austin’s help.  When Caitlin and Noah arrived they all got some money to spend and they all painted a plant pot…


Noah spent the rest of his money on the football stand where you could try to score a goal, every time you scored a goal you got some sweets.  Austin really wanted to buy a ride on car but it was up for auction and he really didn’t understand that.

Straight after the fair Caitlin had a roller blading party which they all loved!


I even got to have a go at rollerblading too…it was surprisingly easy!!

After rollerblading it was straight onto another party..this time it was night 2 of my friends 40th, but this time a party at her house with the kids!  They all had a great time running around the garden, playing football and on the trampoline.  Once it started to get too dark and cold the kids went inside where Caitlin got her make up done by some of the older girls…


Noah and his friend joined in…of course!!!!!!!!!!!


On Sunday Caitlin had another party, a cupcake decorating party this time!


They all loved decorating the cakes and actually did a great job!  The lady doing the party had loads of gadgets and loads of sweets and other toppings.  The party went on for quite a while because they were all having such a good time, but in the end we had to rush off because we had a 21st to go to as well!!

The 21st was bowling so we took the kids along since they love bowling!


By the end of the night they were all knackered after such a busy weekend!

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