We didn’t have any plans for the weekend so we decided to go to the Sandbach totally transport with some friends.  It was forecast to rain in the afternoon so we thought we’d get there early and dive into a pub for some drinks if it started raining!


We had a wander around the trucks and other commercial vehicles then we tried to do the fire station quiz, which was really hard!  We had to find numbered cards but they were all over the town!  We found enough to win them all a packet of sweets so they were all happy.  It started to drizzle but we had promised the kids a go on some of the rides so Austin went on the flying rockets while Caitlin and Noah did somersaults on the trampolines…


..they then all decided to go on hook-a-duck….


One of the prize choices were fish!!!!!  My Godson’s dad said he could try to win a fish and I did agree that winning a fairground fish was something every child should do…but nope ours weren’t getting one!  Richard seemed very keen on the fish so we agreed that Richard could let them have fish as long as he took FULL responsibility for making sure the fish were looked after…..so we won 2 fish….


Austin didn’t want a fish at first, he wanted a bow and arrow which he was not getting!  I could see where that one was going….an arrow in the eye for Caitlin..so no dangerous toys!  He then spent ages deciding and also picked a fish!  We then found a pet shop and bought our fish a tank!  H also got a fish, which he called Jeff, and we went for a drink with our fish!!!!!!!!!!!  Where we took bets on who’s fish would live the longest!  I gave Caitlin’s a matter of days, Austin’s a week or so along with H’s and I predicted we’d still be lumbered with Noah’s when he’d left home!!!!!!!!!!


Caitlin decided to call her fish Eve.  Hers has a long tail…


Noah called his Adam…he has lots of things called Adam!!  His has a really short tail….


Austin…very imaginatively….called his Austin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  His also has a long tail but has some silvery markings on.


We shall see how they get on…and if anyone cleans and feeds them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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