The big white head!!

Richard was busy and the weather looked ok so I decided to take the kids to the big white head!!  It’s ages since we’ve been there and they are constantly asking to go!  I needed to go to Ikea to get bits to finish the seats in Alfie so I thought we could combine the two.  Just as we were setting off some friends called to see what we were up to so we arranged to meet there with their kids.  The big white head is a big sculpture called Dream…..there really isn’t much else there except the sculpture and a bit of a walk, but they all love it!


Dream is right by the motorway and surrounded by power stations, but I got some nice photos…


We ate our picnic by the sculpture and then had a play around jumping down the steps!!!


When Austin started to get a bit too brave we moved on and then walked around to the little pond, where they found sticks to balance on their heads!!


…we then stopped to feed my friends baby and the kids and John found some reeds that disintegrated into a mass of fluff and had a fantastic time sending the fluff flying everywhere!!!!!!!


The weather was loads better than we thought it would be and so we went home very pink and tired!!!  It was a brilliant unplanned day.

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