The mini club was going to Krispy Kreme and since it was the school holidays we went too!  Richard was finishing at 8pm so he met us there.  There are always loads of modified cars at Krispy Kreme in the evening and Noah was in his element taking photos of them all!  Then Austin grabbed the camera and took some of Noah!!


When it was time to go home Caitlin decided to go with Richard and the boys with me…so we set off in Elvis and after about 5 minutes I heard my phone ring….  Once I get the message it was Richard saying him and Caitlin were trapped!!  Some complete idiot had double parked behind him, blocking him in….and then managed to break his central locking so he couldn’t get in his car to move it!  I drove back to collect Caitlin…and yelled at the stupid man…I mean who double parks blocking a complete stranger in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was fuming!!!!!!!!  Eventually over an hour later and only because the person next to Richard left meaning he could do a million point turn and get free!!!


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