A day in the woods!

I’d read about an Easter egg hunt in a nearby woods so we went along.  We met a few friends there too which was good.  It is a tiny little wood in a pretty built up area and it was fantastic!!  They had loads of great activities going on, but they were mainly interested in climbing the trees….


I did manage to drag them away long enough to make a web from twigs and wool…


They ran off to play while I made a (very rubbish) spider to go on my web!  There were also free pizza’s from a little wood burning pizza oven..they were lovely!  We completed the Easter egg hunt and they all got a little wooden medal which they got to drill out themselves to hang on string.  Austin especially loved drilling!!  They also made masks and I did some willow weaving.  There was a broomstick making area but when we got there they had cleared up so we just got some sticks and made our own….


…it didn’t really last very well!  There must be a knack for tying brooms!!!

It was a fantastic day and everything was free!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The kids absolutely loved it.


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