Museum and a farm

Yesterday we met up with one of Noah’s nursery friends and went to Manchester Museum, yet again it was freezing cold!!!  The museum itself seemed a bit rubbish really.  It’s a few years since we’ve been and some of it was being updated, the rest just didn’t seem to hold their attention.  We didn’t stay that long really, but they were far more interested in the walk back to the station.  They loved walking along the pavement where the bricks were corner on to stop people parking or driving on there!  We also bought some blood oranges from a street fruit stall which they fascinated by!


Today we went to Wheelock farm with some friends who’ve got a little baby…


It was still freezing but the animals were in a shed which was a bit sheltered.  Noah of course fed the animals and Caitlin surprised me by stroking and feeding them…but not as much as Austin….


The farm was brilliant, it’s not massive but just big enough to keep their attention all the way around and it has a massive play area…


They spent ages in the play area going on everything!!


We then stopped for our packed lunch…


…it’s hard to tell in the photo but it was snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this is the first time I’ve ever had a picnic in the snow!!!!

After lunch we found the go-karts and had a great time racing around, we were even with someone who pinched my camera and took some photo’s of me….


….I was hiding just enough to post the one above!!  Thank you John!  We’ll have to go back next year when their little one can have a go on the karts too!  We played around for hours, even though it was freezing, until Noah came running over to say “Caitlin was laughing so hard she hit the steering wheel and her skin has come off.”  We went over to a hysterical Caitlin but it was just a graze on her nose!  They were all about to get too cold so we quit before it all fell apart!  The farm, especially the play area, was ace….we’ll definitely have to go back when it’s warmer!


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