Since we had no plans for today we started off with a very leisurely breakfast!!  Caitlin needed to make breakfast for her brownie cook badge so I let her make everyone’s breakfast…which took ages!!  She made cereal for Noah, warmed croissants for me and made scrambled egg for Austin!


When she had finished (and washed up!) we lounged about and then decided to do something off their lists and so we went rollerblading.


Austin hasn’t got rollerblades or skates so he took his bike…


We stayed for quite a while skating around and having a play on the swings…


but it was very very cold and Noah started crying because he was too cold!  We started to skate back home but it seemed to be a very long journey as all 3 of them were cold and needed me to help them and I could only help one at a time!  We eventually made it home and hid away from the cold!!


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