Almost the holidays

Before each school holiday Caitlin and Noah both write a list of the things they’d like to do and we try to do as many of their ideas as we can.  Normally their lists are pretty simple and filled with things I’ve already said we’d do.  This time Noah had the usual things like going to soft play, the park etc.  The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) nearly always features.  He also had “go to Santa Pod to see the jet car”


Caitlin’s list was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!


It had simple things like MOSI, an Easter egg hunt, soft play….  Slightly unusual things like go to Frankie and Bennys……  And completely mad things like tour France!!  And circumnavigate the globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Needless to say we won’t tour France or circumnavigate the globe……  We’ll try to do the other things though.



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2 responses to “Almost the holidays

  1. I think its a great idea..the lists obliviously not the touring France ( not that i would mind doing that lol ) . So going to get the kids to make a list of there own .
    Im sure Frankie and Bennies would be on the list for my kids to, they love that place and always want to go there.

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