Crazy busy weekend!

This weekend me and Richard were away with the mini club, but the kids were staying at home with Nanny and Grandad.  While we were gone Caitlin and Noah had the school disco to go to and Caitlin wore her new campervan dress.  They both spent a ridiculous amount on sweets!  They had 50p each to spend, which usually goes a long way at the disco, but they both borrowed money off friends parents!!  On the Saturday was the usual football and street dancing followed by a party for Caitlin.  Sunday was a party for Noah!!

While all the chaos was going on we were relaxing in the Lake District.  Usually we all stay in one big house but this time it was a row of cottages some of which had been knocked through and some that were self-contained.  I think I preferred one big house but it was still good!  On the Friday night we had a pub tea and then just relaxed in the main house, playing jenga and the game where you put a post it of someone famous on someones head and they guess who they are!mm1

Saturday was spent driving around the hills….


We were going to go over Hard Knott pass but the weather started getting a bit dodgy and some locals advised us against it so we went back a slightly tamer route…


..via a tiny car ferry which was quite good.  As the evening progressed the snow came and snowmen were made…inside!!!!!!!!!…


Sunday the roads were pretty clear considering the snow so we headed into Keswick to the puzzling place which was great, full of weird illusions…


Richard on a giant chair…or not….


We had to head home so we left the rest of them to go on a drive and we set off.  Unfortunately one of my tyres developed an egg after about 30 minutes….


We were lucky it didn’t blow really!!  It was very annoying though because I only bought it on the Thursday!!!

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