iSing Pop

Over the last few weeks a company called iSing Pop have been coming into school to teach the kids songs, they have also recorded them singing.  Today they put on a concert for the parents at the church down the road from school.  No one was really too sure what to expect, but it was fantastic!  The songs were all well-known songs with a bit of a religious theme to them and the man directing them all was completely and utterly in love with his job.  “J” had them all dancing and waving their arms around and singing their hearts out!  I had a great view of Caitlin who was right in front of me…


Noah was at the far end of the stage and I wish I had a view of him because from all reports he was virtually asleep standing up!  It was quite late and after football!!  Noah needs his sleep!

It was the whole school singing and they were all brilliant!  So enthusiastic and having an absolutely brilliant time!  They sold cd’s that they had recorded at school which we got one and Caitlin and Noah had it signed by “J”…the cd’s were so popular they ran out and had to take names for a re-order!  It was a huge success.

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