The biggest billy-goat gruff

Today was Noah’s class assembly and Noah was the biggest billy-goat.  As usual it was very funny.  Noah’s best friend was the troll who emerged from underneath a very low table after the first song.  How he fitted I don’t know!!  When it was the turn of the biggest billy-goat gruff Noah was a bit pre-occupied with the fact the troll had his hat on sideways!!  Eventually he did say his words and then “butted” the troll off the bridge, which was brilliant!


I had to take Austin with me to the assembly because I couldn’t get him to nursery and get back to school in time for the start of the assembly.  Austin loved it…but as usual came out with some funny comments!!  At the end in his clearest, loudest voice he said ” Are they going to do it for real now..cos that was just a practise, wasn’t it??”!!!!!

The assembly was brilliant, they were all great, especially the troll!


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