A dress for Caitlin

I quite often make things but never really talk about them on here because this blog is for the kids really.  Also quite a few of the things I make are for presents.  I did set up a blog specially for my made things but am so behind on this blog that that one is completely empty!!  Recently I have been making a dress for Caitlin and today I finished it so I thought I’d show you a photo!


It is actually a terrible photo of Caitlin but not too bad of the dress!  I used a dress that Caitlin already has as a guide but I made it a bit small really…..will have to try again!  I absolutely love the campervan fabric!  I bought quite a bit and can’t decide what to make with the rest!  Now Austin is at school (well nursery) I had intended to make lots of things but time seems to disappear!


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