It is about 2 years since they started swimming with Graham and today was certificate day!  They both got their 100 metre certificates!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe how well they have done in the past 2 years, especially when I think before that they had spent so long not even taking a stroke with their old lessons!  I’d love to know how behind they would be if they had stayed there!


To get their 100m certificates they both had to swim 100 metres in 2 different strokes!!  So they proved they can consistently and comfortably swim that distance….  Austin doesn’t swim with Graham any more, but we do go swimming at his nursery every Friday.  He was doing really well and comfortably swimming with his belt so I trimmed a bit off.  He caught me doing it and now he is convinced he can’t swim at all but if I make him, he easily can even with the smaller belt!  It is very very frustrating!!!!!!!  We’ve not even got a sunny holiday by the pool planned so I don’t know when he will properly learn to swim!


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