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Dress up Noah!!

Noah is a complete clown!!!  He is constantly fooling around making people laugh!!  Today he was dressing up…..complete with the wig from Caitlin’s build a bear!!!


He looks far too cute in this photo!!  The material I’m going to have when he turns 18…it is ever growing……


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Craft show

Today I went to a craft show with a friend…it was packed!!  You could barely move!!  There was loads of great things to see though, there was a “Best of British” exhibition which included a fabric teapot….IMAG0968

….and also a mini!!!


We went on a little sewing workshop to learn how to sew blind hems, bought some fabric to make Caitlin a top, bought some other bits and bobs and saw a knitted sea display which was brilliant.  It had a knitted Loch Ness monster, fish, mermaids and a lighthouse…


We stayed until the end which may have been a mistake as the car park was at a complete standstill!!  We went for a hot chocolate while it cleared but I don’t think we waited long enough!  I got out straight away as everyone just gave way to me…which is rare, people usually block minis!  My friend took over 2 hours to get out of the car park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As usual I have come away full of ideas to make…now I just need some time!!

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Caitlin’s topic in school this term is superheroes and as part of that they all made a puppet which I went in to help with.  They had drawn a plan for the design of their puppet and then we helped them to sew them together…


Caitlin made Superwoman.  I was really surprised..they were all really good at sewing them together, even those who had never tried sewing before.  They then stuck badges on and some hair and a skirt!!


They were all pretty quick too.  In a few weeks they are going to use their puppets to make a video!!

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January snow!

I forgot to show our snow photo from January!!  We went to school in Lightening McSnowtaxi!!!!!!!!!!



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Party weekend!

All of us had a party invite this weekend!!  First up was Noah who had a soft play party.  It has a little football court to one side so we didn’t see any of the boys for dust while they all played non-stop in there!  Noah and his friends are completely and utterly obsessed by football at the moment!

Straight after that my Mum and Dad came over to take them back to theirs while me and Richard went to our party…a friends 40th.  It was fancy dress so I decided in my infinite wisdom to go as Where’s Wally?  I went on holiday with the birthday girl last year and we met a Where’s Wally hen party so I thought it would remind her of holiday!  Richard decided to join me….  Now I thought I looked ridiculous but when Richard came downstairs I nearly stopped breathing laughing at him!!!!!  His hat was so small on him he just looked daft!!  And as a very special treat…here is a picture of us!!!!!!!


…yes…we looked very very stupid!!!!!!!!!  We looked even more stupid because everyone else in our group had gone very dressed up in 50’s and 60’s gear…as Audrey Hepburn, a military general..etc etc!!!

In the morning Caitlin had a legoland party which she loved and Austin had a soft play party..which I forgot to take my camera to!!!  He loved it though….  In the afternoon we all relaxed after party central!!

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