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Today was the last day of half term so we went to the Museum of Science and Industry with some friends, it wasn’t half term in Manchester so it was pretty quiet.  They all took their photos and then waited to see them appear on the bank of tele’s above….


We managed to get most of them on the screens at the same time… is Austin (bottom right) and Caitlin (in the middle on the left)…


We went around the air and space gallery and then had our picnic before going to Caitlin and Noah’s favourite bit…the engine room!!!  Then it was onto Xperiment which seemed loads better than last time we went.  It was great, now that they are that bit older we left them to it and sat and had a drink by the exit…which they loved!!  Austin loved trying everything out, I doubt he remembered most of it since it’s been a while since our last visit.


He loved the fact there was a mini there!!!!


On our way out we saw the staff practising their talk that they would be doing during half term so we stopped to watch it.  It was very funny, although I’m not sure it was supposed to be!  The guy in charge of the music and video links looked like Chico (as in X-factor Chico) and kept pressing the wrong buttons and bursting out laughing!

After MOSI we went for a pub tea with Richard and Noah’s friends Dad…..a great finish to half term!

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Noah was invited to a go-karting party but since Richard was on lates I had to take Caitlin and Austin as well…  Noah had a great time karting and as usual was very competitive!!


This was one of the few photos I took where he wasn’t looking over his shoulder to check where the next person was…which usually resulted in him being overtaken!!  While they all had their party food the man in charge let all the siblings have a go on the karts which was really good of him.  Austin was in his element too!!


…as was Caitlin…


It was a fantastic party, shame Austin isn’t old enough for it…he would be fine on the karts but think there might be too many who couldn’t manage it in his class.

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The big blue slide!!

Today was the first day of half term and Caitlin had a friend over to play.  Noah has been asking to go to a soft play called zoom for ages because he wants to go on thier “big blue slide”…AGAIN!!  He regularly asks to go on the big blue slide, then gets their and isn’t brave enough to go on it!  So off we went and I couldn’t believe it when he went down the slide!  It is really steep… is is from the side!


…so Noah finally went down it!

After Noah went on it so did Caitlin which completely amazed me!  And then Caitlin’s friend went down!!  Noah then went around and around for as long as it was open, Caitlin went on a fair few times but her friend decided twice was plenty.  We ended up spending all day at Zoom and Noah can’t wait to go again now he has decided he will go down the slide.


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Dress up Noah!!

Noah is a complete clown!!!  He is constantly fooling around making people laugh!!  Today he was dressing up…..complete with the wig from Caitlin’s build a bear!!!


He looks far too cute in this photo!!  The material I’m going to have when he turns 18…it is ever growing……

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Craft show

Today I went to a craft show with a friend…it was packed!!  You could barely move!!  There was loads of great things to see though, there was a “Best of British” exhibition which included a fabric teapot….IMAG0968

….and also a mini!!!


We went on a little sewing workshop to learn how to sew blind hems, bought some fabric to make Caitlin a top, bought some other bits and bobs and saw a knitted sea display which was brilliant.  It had a knitted Loch Ness monster, fish, mermaids and a lighthouse…


We stayed until the end which may have been a mistake as the car park was at a complete standstill!!  We went for a hot chocolate while it cleared but I don’t think we waited long enough!  I got out straight away as everyone just gave way to me…which is rare, people usually block minis!  My friend took over 2 hours to get out of the car park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As usual I have come away full of ideas to make…now I just need some time!!

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Caitlin’s topic in school this term is superheroes and as part of that they all made a puppet which I went in to help with.  They had drawn a plan for the design of their puppet and then we helped them to sew them together…


Caitlin made Superwoman.  I was really surprised..they were all really good at sewing them together, even those who had never tried sewing before.  They then stuck badges on and some hair and a skirt!!


They were all pretty quick too.  In a few weeks they are going to use their puppets to make a video!!

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January snow!

I forgot to show our snow photo from January!!  We went to school in Lightening McSnowtaxi!!!!!!!!!!



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