The big blue slide!!

Today was the first day of half term and Caitlin had a friend over to play.  Noah has been asking to go to a soft play called zoom for ages because he wants to go on thier “big blue slide”…AGAIN!!  He regularly asks to go on the big blue slide, then gets their and isn’t brave enough to go on it!  So off we went and I couldn’t believe it when he went down the slide!  It is really steep… is is from the side!


…so Noah finally went down it!

After Noah went on it so did Caitlin which completely amazed me!  And then Caitlin’s friend went down!!  Noah then went around and around for as long as it was open, Caitlin went on a fair few times but her friend decided twice was plenty.  We ended up spending all day at Zoom and Noah can’t wait to go again now he has decided he will go down the slide.



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