Craft show

Today I went to a craft show with a friend…it was packed!!  You could barely move!!  There was loads of great things to see though, there was a “Best of British” exhibition which included a fabric teapot….IMAG0968

….and also a mini!!!


We went on a little sewing workshop to learn how to sew blind hems, bought some fabric to make Caitlin a top, bought some other bits and bobs and saw a knitted sea display which was brilliant.  It had a knitted Loch Ness monster, fish, mermaids and a lighthouse…


We stayed until the end which may have been a mistake as the car park was at a complete standstill!!  We went for a hot chocolate while it cleared but I don’t think we waited long enough!  I got out straight away as everyone just gave way to me…which is rare, people usually block minis!  My friend took over 2 hours to get out of the car park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As usual I have come away full of ideas to make…now I just need some time!!


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