Noah’s 6th birthday party

It’s still a while off Noah’s birthday yet but it was his party this weekend.  His best friend is born in January and they wanted the same party with pretty much the same people, since their birthdays weren’t too far apart we decided it would be a good idea to share a party.  Once we’d eliminated all the dates we couldn’t do today was the only day we could do.  It was the same party as Noah had had last year just shared so we assumed all would go smoothly.  When we arrived the hall where they were doing the football/sports side of things was freezing!!!!!  We found the caretaker, who was very grumpy, and asked him to put some heating on, which he begrudgingly did.  We then discovered the room where we were supposed to be doing the food was double booked!!  The caretaker went off to find us a new room….eventually he found one but this meant we hadn’t been able to set up until the party had started so the parents missed the start of the party.


Our new food room didn’t have any water so we had to run around finding water for the drinks, it also didn’t have the coffee machine that we were expecting so there were no adult drinks!

As it was a football party Noah loaned Caitlin his Liverpool shorts and socks to go with her own Liverpool top!!


Austin refused a football kit so just went in his jeans!  At the end of the party there were 6 trophies given out…one each for the birthday boys of course!!


Noah was very impressed with his.  Once the sporty bit was over it was food time.  We had just discovered that the caretaker wanted to leave the second the room booking finished so we had to get them all to eat as quickly as possible….so we did the cakes first…


…with of course our famous candles!!  One for each birthday boy!  Once they had almost finished eating we had to virtually throw them all out!!!!!!!!!  And then had about 3 seconds to clear up!!  It was all a bit stressful but the boys had a great time and their friends also enjoyed the party.


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